The project: sustainable support

Co-founder Colin got in touch with Ken, the brain behind Unikoo, at a business event. It soon became clear that office management support was needed, as the person responsible for this at Dripl was about to leave the company. There was a need for a partner who could offer time and commitment to the brand directly from the office. With a fresh view our talented Kristy has recently been taking care of the office management at Dripl.

We take care of the entire administrative process from beginning to end. This means that when a new client wants to work with Dripl, all the customer agreements etc. are made and reviewed. In addition, we work together on the following tasks:

  • Invoicing of webshop orders or of the vending machines (including new flavours, for example)
  • HR support with one of the co-founders
  • Optimisations and new plans of approach for e.g. Salesforce
  • Communication between customer and Dripl regarding administration
  • In case of administrative questions: customer support

In a short time Dripl has been relieved of all daily administrative and possibly financial tasks. The first optimisations and tips have been implemented and the HR flow has also been optimised.

About Dripl

Dripl, founded by Colin Deblonde and Lucas Moreau, believes that the days of sugary soft drinks in disposable packaging are over. That's why they have developed the first ever drinks vending machine that is both good for your body and good for the planet. The environmentally conscious and ecological vending machines are refillable, so you can always go back for a new serving with a refillable bottle.



Finance & administration