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Sustainable finadmin support for a sustainable company


Dripl, founded by Colin Deblonde and Lucas Moreau, believes that the days of sugary soft drinks in disposable packaging are over. That's why they have developed the first ever drinks vending machine that is both good for your body and good for the planet.

The project

We manage the entire administrative process, from soda to hock.

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Finance & administration

Sustainable support for a sustainable company

Leading a soft drink revolution is something you can't do alone. The team at Dripl is committed to reinventing the soft drink industry by providing offices with vending machines for sparkling drinks that are good for our bodies as well as the planet. Our finadmin colleague Kristy proudly joins Dripl in their fight against disposable plastic.

Finadmin support of the first water

Her strongest weapon in this fight? A fresh outlook and structured planning. For several months now, our finadmin support has been helping the Driplers with the following tasks:

  • Every time a company or office has ordered a Dripl Refill Point, Kristy takes care of the necessary administration concerning the devices and invoicing to customers
  • She communicates with Dripl customers about the agreements, invoicing and administration involving a Refill Point.
  • She also takes care of the invoicing of webshop orders, consumer orders and vending machines.
  • From her finadmin point of view, she reviewed the CRM system together with other members from the Dripl team. The goal? To optimise the process from start to finish in order to get the refill point up and running at the customer's premises as quickly as possible.
  • Furthermore, Kristy also acts as a point of contact for all things HR. If employees have practical questions about, for instance, holidays, they can always contact her. Kristy also handles payroll, helps with reimbursing expenses and prepares the onboarding of new Driplers.

Back to the core

The result of this collaboration? When Dripl was in dire straits, we relieved the company of day-to-day administrative, financial and HR-related tasks and improved certain processes. In the first months at Dripl, we already implemented the first optimisations and proved what peace of mind unburdening can offer. Now Dripl can focus on its core business: bringing a sparkle back to the workplace while fighting for a better world.

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