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Unique strengths

What makes us Unikoo

One point of contact

One point of contact

So you save a lot of time and you don't have to put your energy into a load of different parties. What's more, our internal expertise teams are all on the same wavelength. The result is more efficiency and better work.

Ask us anything

Ask us anything

Whether it's a strategic project, absorbing a temporary peak in work volume, outsourcing specific tasks, an expert and/or operational profile. You decide what, how, when and how many. No strings attached.

Always peace of mind

Always peace of mind

At Unikoo, you always have peace of mind, whatever happens. Because we work with teams, we can switch when a replacement is needed due to holidays, illness or an employee leaving.

Looking for some inspiration?

Download our top topical calendar 2023!

Looking for inspiration to take your social media management to the next level in 2023? Download our top topical calendar with more than 250 topics to which you can adapt your social media posts!

Whether you own your own business, are a social media marketer or influencer, our top topical calendar contains all the information you need. From the most important holidays and events that you should not miss to lesser-known days such as the tell-a-joke day or desk clean-up day.


What is our focus?

Start-up, scale-up or innovative SME?

Then our model can offer unique added value. One point of contact for all the support and advice needed to grow your organisation. Every case is different, that's why we offer flexibility in our collaboration models.



Commission us to realise your project, large or small, for a fixed price or 'time & material'. We will bring to bear our experience and proven approach.



Reinforce your organisation with specific expertise from our teams, for a number of hours/days per week/month, on-site or remotely.



Eliminate any hassles by outsourcing specific activities, and focus on the things that offer maximum added value.


What we've done before

De Lijn

UX/UI to get your users off the struggle bus

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Cube Lockers

Support you can't put in a box

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Would you like to see more?

We can't wait to help you too. In the meantime, be sure to check out our references for the various services.

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Marketing & communication

Advertising on Google? A must!

Google Ads is a hugely versatile marketing platform, in this blog post you will learn more about how this platform can create value for your business.

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Finance & administration

Why Power Query?

The kids are off to school and the house is quiet. With a fresh coffee in hand, I can finally take on this challenging Excel sheet full of numbers, backed by Power Query (don't worry, we'll explain later). To me, this is the best moment of my working day. After all, what gives more energy than diving into those meaningless numbers and then turning them into a report from which even a 5-year-old can extract the essence?

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Technology & development

Choosing a suitable CMS? Discover how we managed this for our client!

In the digital age, a website without a content management system, CMS for short, is indispensable. After all, this type of system offers user-friendliness and the possibility to get to work yourself. This is necessary, because with a dynamic website you will be much more successful than if you used a static website.

Recently, we made a comparison between a number of content management systems (CMS) for a client. The aim of this comparison was to choose a future-proof CMS to support their web platform optimally.

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