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Unique strengths

What makes us Unikoo

One partner for everything

One partner for everything

So you save a lot of time and you don't have to put your energy into a load of different parties. What's more, our internal expertise teams are all on the same wavelength. The result is more efficiency and better work.

Anything is possible, nothing is obliged.

Anything is possible, nothing is obliged.

Whether it's a strategic project, absorbing a temporary peak in work volume, outsourcing specific tasks, an expert and/or operational profile. You decide what, how, when and how many. No strings attached.

Always peace of mind

Always peace of mind

At Unikoo, you always have peace of mind, whatever happens. Because we work with teams, we can switch when a replacement is needed due to holidays, illness or an employee leaving.

So you always know what you can post

Download our toptopical calendar for free

We can all use some extra inspiration now and then. With the Unikoo toptopical calendar, you always know what to post. Never miss an important day for your business, catch up on current events and get inspired by creative angles. Download the toptopical calendar for free now!

What is our focus?

Start-up, scale-up or innovative SME?

Then our model can offer unique added value. One point of contact for all the support and advice needed to grow your organisation. Every case is different, that's why we offer flexibility in our collaboration models.



Commission us to realise your project, large or small, for a fixed price or on a cost-plus basis. We will bring to bear our experience and proven approach.



Reinforce your organisation with specific expertise from our teams, for a number of hours/days per week/month, on-site or remotely.



Eliminate any hassles by outsourcing specific activities, and focus on the things that offer maximum added value.


Our previous accomplishments

Hof Ter Leeuwe

Our showpiece of application development

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De Lijn

Challenging UI design journeys for an enhanced digital user experience

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Would you like to see more?

We can't wait to help you too. In the meantime, be sure to check out our references for the various services.

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Marketing & communication

8 questions for Ann

The expansion of Unikoo brings a new face with it. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to Ann Flipkens! Ann is the Business Lead of Unikoo Limburg and will lead the startup of the office in Genk. Are you curious who Ann is and what her life is like? You are not alone. Her brand new colleagues at Unikoo also wanted to know everything about their new colleague. That is why they opened the fire with eight professional or personal questions.

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Talent management & recruitment

Employer Branding: your most powerful weapon in the battle on talent

The war on talent. It sounds dramatic, but it really is a big, long-term problem. So often, it is not the recruiters but the applicants who can ultimately choose between different options. Or maybe headhunters are lurking to lure your best employees away, and then, of course, you want to pull the last straw.

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Graphic & digital design

How design thinking could help you innovate

Design thinking - what's in a name? It has nothing to do with the narrow design concept but more to do with looking for creative solutions to complex problems. It's a solution-oriented methodology to tackle problems, take on challenges, reach specific goals, or challenge assumptions. 'How,' you ask? According to the design thinking method, the continuous repetition of five steps gets you closer to your desired outcome: empathize, ideate, define, prototype, test and start all over again.

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