Websites, business applications, mobile apps and so much more.

Our technology and development team assists you with all your digital ambitions. From custom-made applications, through complex websites, to a sleek landing page: our development team brings it all together, in collaboration with our UI and UX experts.


Our developers

Websites & webapplications

From custom applications and complex websites to a landing page: we create it all.

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Mobile apps

Let us design an iOS or Android app that makes you and your customers happy. And integrate them right away with APIs.

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A stable, user-friendly and effective webshop that is easy to find on Google? No problem.

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Are you already using one or more applications? And does that often lead to double the work? We help you to let them communicate with each other.

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Changes in your software can be efficiently validated, tested and put live thanks to our experts in continuous integration and continuous delivery. Your release? Piece of cake.

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A good interface isn’t only visually appealing, but also user-friendly. We strive for the perfect picture every day.

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Kan jouw development team wel wat hulp gebruiken?
Onze full-stack developers zetten graag hun schouders mee onder jouw team. Op basis van de noden van jouw team of product bekijken we wie van onze developers de juiste skillset heeft. Dit kan zowel full-time als part-time.

Reken op ons voor:

  • Front- en backend development
  • Doorgedreven kennis van Amazon AWS
  • Een vlotte integratie binnen bestaande teams met veel goesting om onze schouders er mee onder te zetten

Technology stack

We love technology

Today's digital jungle is hard to navigate. That's why we help our customers make the right solution and technology choices. We can leverage the power of both off-the-shelf solutions and tailored-made software.

Technology & developmentTechnology & developmentTechnology & developmentTechnology & developmentTechnology & developmentTechnology & developmentTechnology & developmentTechnology & development


What we've done so far

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Experts with different roles

The technical team

From creating websites and webshops to integrating existing applications: we help you with all your digital ambitions.

Jorne Delforge profile-picture

Jorne Delforge

Technology Lead

Arne Herbots profile-picture

Arne Herbots

Full Stack Developer

Helder De Baere profile-picture

Helder De Baere

Full Stack Developer

Jens Vercammen profile-picture

Jens Vercammen

Web Developer

Dries Verelst profile-picture

Dries Verelst

Web Developer

Ditte Van Lishout profile-picture

Ditte Van Lishout

UI Designer

Frederik Nijs profile-picture

Frederik Nijs

Full-stack developer

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