Hi, we are Unikoo.

True to our name, we really are one of a kind. Unikoo offers a unique centre of expertise to start-ups, scale-ups and innovation-driven SMEs. Each of these expertise centres are backed by flexible teams in finance & administration, recruitment & talent management, marketing & communication, technology & development and graphic design.

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Our mission

The business concept of Unikoo originated from a specific need in the world of small and medium enterprises: entrepreneurs and business managers often spend up to 80% of their time on low priority tasks and only 20% on high-value work. Moreover, external support & advice is often not transparent, and small organizations have to rely on multiple partners.

By providing start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs with a unique, full-service centre of expertise, Unikoo enables them to focus on their core business, enabling growth in an effective and sustainable way. Having this expertise available at one single source has its advantages: no hassle with communication between different parties, improved flexibility, maximum efficiency and the opportunity to develop a (close) partnership that transcends the status of 'supplier'. That's what makes us Unikoo.

Our offices

Our vision

  • We know, we do, we care.

    We are happy to take care of you. For our customers and for our people. At Unikoo you will find a family atmosphere with values such as collegiality, proximity and pragmatism. Our experts are bursting with knowledge and know-how to get things done. Always with the best intentions in mind because we truly care. Making people happy is what we like most. On the rare occasion that the goal has not yet been reached, we will adjust our approach and take this as a learning for the future. We are only satisfied when you are.

  • Our customers are crucial

    A standardized approach to speed things up, or rather a tailor-made proposal? We do not impose a model but bring the right puzzle pieces to the table so that the customer can put his/her puzzle together. Our drive is in our job and our results. For example, assisting a start-up in its launch, helping an SME on its way in the world of online marketing, unburdening an entrepreneur administratively or supporting a scale-up with its talent policy. If possible, via an integrated approach, that's how we prefer to make a difference. No challenge is too big for us, but no project is too small either.

  • People are our priority

    People first. They are our capital and guide the way our organization develops. We are therefore happy to offer them unique opportunities. Variety and impact are understatements in our business. Our people are unique, with distinct expertise and a committed mindset. We take care of each other.

Management team

  • Kenn Wouters

    Kenn Wouters


    An entrepreneur at heart and Unikoo has stolen his heart. Since 2022, he has officially been at the helm and leading Unikoo into the future. With experience in both the SME world and the 'Big-Four' (Deloitte Consulting) and a background in sales, marketing, recruitment and HR technology, he is the perfect sparring partner for our customers!

  • Ine Dullaert

    Ine Dullaert

    Owner - Finance & Administration Lead

    Anyone who thinks finance and administration are boring has clearly not met Ine yet. With 15 years of experience in finance and digitization in small and medium-sized organizations, Ine leads the company and the Finance and Administration team with lots of enthusiasm.

  • Jorne Delforge

    Jorne Delforge

    Technology Lead

    As co-founder and lead of the Technology and Development team, Jorne is indispensable in the Unikoo story. Thanks to his analytical skills, he
    plays a key role in optimizing our internal operations and that of our customers. Moreover, he easily translates his previous experiences as an IT Architect & Project Manager at Bose, bpost and Telenet into pragmatic solutions for our start-up and SME customers.

  • Evelien Maes

    Evelien Maes

    Marketing & Communication Lead

    With over 12 years of experience in marketing & communication in both the finance and tech startup world, she is the ideal person to
    expand Unikoo further. Her in-depth knowledge of content strategy, creative mind and experience as a project manager are crucial in managing her team and our marketing projects.

Meet the rest of the crew

Meet HiPPO

HiPPO communication & design is a creative branding agency that became part of Unikoo in early 2023.

HiPPO creates and launches an online and offline brand from start to finish over a six-week sprint – including name, logo, corporate identity, website, content strategy and digital marketing strategy. The HiPPO team mainly focuses on start-ups, ambitious SMEs and enthusiastic (government) organisations.

Discover here what they can do for you!