About us

Hello, we are Unikoo

True to our name, we really are one of a kind. Unikoo offers a unique centre of expertise to start-ups, scale-ups and innovation-driven SMEs. Each of these expertise centres are backed by flexible teams in finance & administration, recruitment & talent management, marketing & communication, technology & development and graphic design.

The business concept of Unikoo originated from a specific need in the world of small and midsized enterprises: entrepreneurs and business managers often spend up to 80% of their time on low priority tasks and only 20% on high-value work.

Moreover, external support & advice is often not transparent, and small organizations have to rely on multiple partners.

By providing start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs with a unique, full-service center of expertise, Unikoo enables them to focus on their core business, enabling growth in an effective and sustainable way.

Having this expertise available at one single source has its advantages: no hassle with communication between different parties, improved flexibility, maximum efficiency and the opportunity to develop a (close) partnership that transcends the status of “supplier”.

That's what makes us Unikoo.

Our vision

We have a clear and inspiring picture of our future and are motivated to make it happen.

We know, we do, we care


Our customers are crucial


People are our priority


They lead the way

The inspiration for our entire team, the coaches on the sidelines. They ensure the smooth functioning of the organization and create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Kenn - Head of Unikoo

With a heart for entrepreneurship and as founder of Unikoo, our captain navigates the ship through the unpredictable sea of challenges and opportunities. With his experience in both the SME world and the “Big-Four” (Deloitte Consulting) and a background in sales, marketing, recruitment and HR technology, Kenn is the right sparring partner for our customers!

Nick - Head of Finance

Nick seamlessly translates his 15 years of finance experience gained in both the 'Big-Four' (KPMG) and the internal business world (Ferranti, Port of Antwerp-Zeebrugge) into pragmatic solutions for our startup, scale-up and SME customers. For example, he is ideally placed to manage the Unikoo Finance and CFO services.

Ine - Lead Financial Admin & Office Management Services

Anyone who thinks that finance and administration are boring has clearly not met Ine yet. With 15 years of experience in finance, administration and digitization at small and medium-sized organizations, Ine leads the company and the Financial Administrative team with unparalleled enthusiasm.

Evelien - Head of Marketing

With 15 years of experience in marketing & communication in the finance and tech startup world, Evelien is uniquely placed to further expand Unikoo. Her in-depth knowledge of content strategy, creative mind and experience as a project manager are crucial in managing her team and our marketing projects.

Tom - Head of Technology

Tom is responsible for both expanding the Unikoo Technology team and promoting a vision that allows our customers to make the most of the endless opportunity offered by technology. His previous experiences as Software Engineer (Organi) and Software Lead/CEO of Lemon Companies contribute to that mission in a unique way.

Ann - Head of Unikoo Limburg

With roots in business development, marketing and employer branding, Ann has the right background to lead our office in Limburg. The well-being of our Limburg colleagues and satisfied customers are high on her priority list. All this with a good dose of positivity and a lot of enthusiasm.

Cindy - Talent Manager

"People first" is the core of our vision, and Cindy exemplifies this in an unparalleled way. With a passion for people, she ensures an end-to-end HR policy, from optimized compensation and accurate administration to comprehensive talent processes, both for Unikoo and for our clients.

“We are on a mission to make sure start-ups and scale-ups can focus on growth”
Kenn wouters, head of unikoo