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Contact us for multiple needs at the same time
Choose 1 expertise within our departments
Contact us for multiple needs at the same time

Experts in many areas who work in the same place? If that doesn't result in a sparking interaction! And a broad overview — call it our all-seeing eye.

Choose 1 expertise within our departments

Would you rather hire us for one expertise? Also great! Ask us your question and we'll look at the options together.


What makes us

Unikoo's unique model enables us to truly unburden small and midsized organisations. You only need to rely on one party for support and advice in finance, administration, HR, marketing, design, and technology. A shared-service, on-demand. Our collaborations are structural and long-term, allowing us to grow into a genuine and reliable partner in the development of your organization.

One point of contact, total support

This saves you a lot of time and energy, whilst allowing Unikoo to become a structural extension of your organisation. For niche expertise, we have a qualitative network of specialists. The result? More efficiency and better work.

Qualitative, pragmatic & flexible

A strategic project, dealing with a temporary peak in work volume, outsourcing certain tasks, an expert and/or operational profile. You decide what, how, when and how much. No strings attached.

Stability & continuity

At Unikoo, you can rest assured, no matter what happens. Because we work with teams, we can switch when replacement is necessary due to vacation, illness or an employee leaving.

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