We support growth through optimized financial and administrative operations.

No time for administrative paperwork? Let us manage your financial records. We go beyond administration: we monitor the health of your company and provide valuable financial insights. Looking for a strategic partner from start to finish? We are your partner along the way.

Let's get acquainted

Financial administration

Efficient financial and administrative support? We provide expertise, optimized processes and the latest technology.

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Financial Reporting and Controlling

Are you making a policy decision? Then make sure you have the right financial insights. Our experts provide them for you.

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Corporate Finance

We bring long-term vision and figures together. Set the course for sustainable growth and competitive advantage with long-term financial insight.

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Office and management assistance

From general administration to sales, marketing and HR support. Our versatile profiles will do it for you.

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Support in strategic decision-making by budgeting and forecasting financial results. We bring insight.

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Assistance with mergers and acquisitions, in collaboration with our partners, and focused on creating lasting value and synergy.

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Do you want to gain insight into your figures in a pragmatic way? Unikoo can support in setting up and analyzing (automated) reports and dashboards. We have an arsenal of tools here to support both simple and more complex management, shareholder and project reporting.

Our approach:

  1. Setting up reports and dashboards
  2. Interpretation of figures and tailor-made recommendations
  3. Possible support in creating and implementing optimization processes or conditions
  4. Maintenance, interpretation and advise on a monthly or quarterly basis

Collaboration models


Empower your organization with the specific expertise of our teams, for a number of hours/days per week/month, on-site or remotely.


A unique formula in which we assemble a complementary team that can take over specific processes, perfectly tailored to your needs.


Bring in dynamic CFO expertise with our part-time CFO consultants, on-site or remotely. We take on a variety of assignments, including strategic financial policy making and strategic analysis of mergers and acquisitions. Efficient and adapted to the rapidly changing environment of your company.

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We believe in sustainable transformations

We address the concerns of growth companies on all fronts of their financial and administrative operations. From the basics, such as setting up solid administration and reporting, to more complex actions such as designing long-term sustainable financial strategies.
Visual displaying the finance and administration service workflowVisual displaying the finance and administration service workflow

Adapted to the life stage of your organization

We strive to continuously improve financial and administrative processes. Whether you're a fast-growing scale-up with limited financial or administrative structures, or an established SME controlling the market, our expertise fits all your needs seamlessly.

Seed & start-up phase

  • Robust administration
  • Effective cash flow management
  • Disciplined budgeting and monitoring
  • Adaptive forecasting and scenario planning

Seed & start-up phase


Growth & expansion phase

  • Robust administration
  • Focus on sales growth & diversification
  • Scaling through strategic investments and long-term planning



Mature phase

  • Robust administration, processes and systems
  • Delivering sustainable, consistent value to shareholders
  • Profitability management
  • Regulatory compliance



Powered by digitization

We are passionate supporters of digital transformation and use advanced administrative and financial software to work faster, more accurately and efficiently. In this way, we immediately generate added value for our customers.

To do this, we rely on our partners:
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What makes us Unikoo

One point of contact

With Unikoo, you have one address for business support services. This is how we grow into a real, structural business partner for the long term.

Diverse expertise at no full-time cost

Access to essential expertise without the financial burden of full-time staff. We are your key to operational excellence, at no cost.

No stress in planning

No code red for absent internal employees or freelancers. Our reliable safety net is ready, even during holidays or illness. Continuity guaranteed.

Polyvalence as an asset

Changing needs? Don't worry. Easily adjust content, responsibilities, and volume without being tied to rigid long-term contracts.

What we've done so far


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A well-oiled finance machine for Talenco


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Cube Lockers

Business support that you can't pigeonhole


HR & Finance samen als een vis in het water

The finance & admin team

Your organization stands or falls with smooth administration. We take over everything that your company doesn't have time for.
Nick Van Meerbeeck
Head of Finance / CFO Unikoo
Ine Dullaert
Finance & Admin Lead
Kenneth Jacops
Finance & Operations Consultant
Sylvia Uva
Finance & Administration Consultant
Joni Van de Velde
Finance & Administration Talent
Dries Boogers
Finance & Administration Talent
Jana Nilis
Finance Hero
Kristy Jacobs
Operations, Sales & Marketing Support
Kumrije Ahmetaj
Flying Office Manager
Anne Leurs
Flying Office Manager
Caty Mampaey
Allround Office Assistant
Lize Van Schoor
Flying Office & Operations Manager

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