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Golazo, an organizer of both recreational and large-scale top sporting events, is likely to ring a bell among many sports enthusiasts. With an impressive portfolio of events, including the Memorial van Damme, Antwerp 10 Miles, Cyclocross, Baloise Belgium Tour and the 2021 Cycling World Cup, the company has therefore established itself as a star player in the sports world. Originally started as a Belgian company, Golazo grew into an international organization, with branches spread across the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Enter Unikoo

The passion for sports is at the heart of Golazo. The company's core mission is therefore extremely ambitious: to get everyone to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Whether it's athletics, cycling, running, cross country running or another discipline: by organizing sporting events, Golazo is always committed to taking the sports experience of top athletes and recreational athletes to a higher level, successfully.

But strong growth and the increasing number of events are also accompanied by increasing pressure on the finance department, which helps ensure that every event runs smoothly. Our finance team is happy to provide Golazo with the necessary assists to also score financially.

The proposal for efficient finances

The extensive knowledge and experience on Sylvia's record comes in handy when:

  • accounting administration
  • creditor management
  • reporting
  • other financial services
“We are happy to provide Golazo with the necessary assists to also score financially.”

Score points

As an indispensable player for Golazo's finance department, Unikoo is a structural part of the team. In addition, we take on our role not only as a player, but also as a coach. In this way, we are happy to help colleagues overcome their financial hurdles.

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