A good interface is not only beautiful but also focuses on user-friendliness. We always strive for modern designs with an intuitive user experience.

In all our UX design processes, we follow a step-by-step plan that is structured around five different phases, the 5D model.

5D design diagram

We'll start with the Discover phase, aimed at gathering the necessary context and knowledge. This knowledge serves as a basis for the subsequent Define phase, in which we develop various wireframes based on a sitemap. These wireframes are simple sketches that visually depict users' actions without style or color.

Next, we go to the Design phase, where we implement the corporate identity and use our creativity to shape the user interface. Once approved, the project will proceed to the Develop phase, in which we meticulously bring the design to life. When it comes to a website process, we convert the designs into a living website in this phase. In a web application, we first build the design via a prototype (clickable mockups or a low-code prototype).

Finally, we present in the Deliver phase the completed project according to the predefined deliverables.


In the rapidly changing landscape of technology and operations, we offer the expertise of a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) without the need for a full-time position with our CTO-as-a-Service service. Our CTO-aaS solution is specifically designed for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs that want to lead the way in their sector. Whether it's building a technical strategy, managing risk, or leading your technology transformation, our experienced CTOs are your key to success.

Why CTO-as-a-Service at Unikoo?

For many startups and SMEs, hiring a full-time CTO can be a major financial and organizational challenge. In this way, we offer a flexible solution that grows with your business. Our CTOs help you develop technical roadmaps, build leadership within teams, and promote product innovation. In doing so, they start from the general business vision and translate it into the technology strategy.

How we help you grow

We want to make the digitization process and introduction of new technology manageable. The implementation of a CTO's range of tasks depends heavily on the business context and intended (growth) strategy. We use it as a denominator to determine the tech strategy and operations, and ideally also consider the broader digital strategy. We make a distinction between a first strategic part and a subsequent operational part.

Picture of teammembers working at their desk

Technology strategy and vision

Developing a long-term technology strategy that aligns with business goals. This includes identifying new technologies and trends that can help the organization grow or become more efficient.

Budget and cost optimization

Managing the ICT budget and looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality or performance. Advice on patents, tax optimizations and subsidies.

Talent management and team building

Building and leading an effective IT team. This includes hiring new talent, developing skills within the team, and fostering a learning culture.

Stakeholder management and communication

Act as the bridge between technology and other departments, providing clear communication and understanding of technological issues. Explaining and defending decisions and their implications to investors and boards.

Digital transformation

Identifying, defining and leading digital transformation initiatives beyond the boundaries of the pure technical side. An integrated, end-to-end transformation of existing business processes and value propositions where digital technologies move from the sidelines to the center of the organization.

Technical architecture

Creating and evaluating future-proof, scalable and efficient application, data and infrastructure architectures and associated tech stacks, with attention to third-party integrations

Vendor and Partner Management

Managing relationships with ICT suppliers and partners, negotiating contracts and providing the best service and products for the organization

ICT best practices

Setting up development processes (such as CI/CD, validation and test flows,...), introducing appropriate development tools

Proof of concepts

Developing proof of concepts or MVPs for rapid validation of product-market fit

What we do for you

Budgeting & Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cost Control & Optimization

Profitability Analysis

Strategic Financial Planning

Investment Analysis

Management Reporting & Systems

Performance Management & KPI Development

Variance Analysis

Internal Controls Check

Audit Preparation


With Unikoo, we strive for long-term collaboration by continuously focusing on added value creation and honest collaborations. We always start our collaboration with a landscape assessment in which we map business processes, data flows and actors of organizations. This way, we get a good overall picture and complexity of the environment in order to make the best recommendations.

Based on these insights, milestones are defined according to strategic priority and (budget) capacity so that a long-term digital vision and compatible, modular architecture can be established. We remain true to our pragmatic approach (no needlessly long preliminary study) but we do not take a hasty approach, as we so often see with companies that have grown organically - because in the long run, this usually leads to a more expensive and more inhibitory approach. We continue to focus on the low hanging fruits without losing sight of the bigger picture

Why choose Unikoo?

A customized solution

We match a CTO consultant or interim controller who perfectly matches your needs, organization and growth phase. Pragmatic, flexibly adaptable to your needs.


Because we work with teams, we can combine multiple expertise and profile levels at the cost of one FTE. This means more stability and quality at a competitive, predictable price.

We grow with you

Our services grow with your needs, not only technologically, but also with experts in marketing, HR, finance and graphic design. Short lines of communication ensure sustainable results.
Picture of teammember Jorne

Jorne Delforge

Technology Lead

As co-founder and lead of the Technology and Development team, Jorne is indispensable in the Unikoo story. Thanks to his analytical skills, he also plays a role in optimizing our internal operations and that of our customers. He seamlessly translates his previous experiences as IT Architect & Project Manager at Bose, bpost and Telenet into pragmatic solutions for our start-up and SME customers.

Picture of teammember Cynric

Cynric Huys

Lead CTO Services

Cynric has years of experience as CTO in various environments and various sectors. Through his education in Civil Computer Science and Executive MBA, he combines technical skills with broad strategic business expertise. This leads to an integrated approach where technological decisions are always aligned with the broader business goals.

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