I bet on job boards? Do I reach my target group better via social media? Or do I hire a recruitment agency? You can find talent in a lot of ways, but not everything works for your organization. Our recruitment team comes up with a personalized approach, taking into account your target group and sector.

How to work with us? You choose that yourself:

  • 'no cure, no pay' or 'in direction'
  • remotely, at your office, or anywhere in between
  • the entire recruitment process (from recruitment to onboarding) or just part of it


  • the vacancy - a well-written vacancy provides significantly more inflow of candidates. The vacancy must appeal both textually and in terms of structure. Video can also be used.
  • “marketing” the vacancies can be done by using classic job boards (when relevant) or hunting passive talent, but thanks to the combination with our marketing team, we can also focus on “”recruitment marketing', where we can target the right target group on Facebook, Linkedin or other channels. This often involves significant optimization of the “cost-to-hire”.
  • the jobsite or “career site” - like any commercial website, conversion (including a job application) is the goal. We advise on call-to-actions, structure, content, look & feel and other things that contribute to an excellent 'candidate experience'. We implement 'tracking' so that you always have an up-to-date insight into the behavior of potential candidates and targeted digital marketing actions (including Remarketing) can be developed.

Selection and screening

You want to make sure that the candidate you hire:

  • has the right skills
  • matches your company culture
  • has enough potential to grow further

To optimize the success rate, we can provide a screening based on:

  • resume/phone call/interview/references
  • assessment center (in cooperation with our partners)