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Hof Ter Leeuwe

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Hof Ter Leeuwe

Hof Ter Leeuwe is a European recognized breeding center for horses located in the center of Belgium. Right below the church tower of the picturesque town of Zoutleeuw in Flemish Brabant.

The Project

A good horse does not make a good rider, but it does help to win the race. That is why Hof Ter Leeuwe came to Unikoo with the request to upgrade their existing, obsolete systems into a modern, integrated ERP system from which they can monitor and control their entire business operations.

Technology & development

Our technology team was more than happy to take on this challenge. They sat down with Hof Ter Leeuwe and discussed how the company is used to working and how they would like to work. This enabled us to keep the good elements of their old systems, but at the same time supplement them with modern usability and advanced features such as integration with their accounting system.

We created an application that allows Hof Ter Leeuwe to manage the entire medical reproductive cycle for the horses that are in treatment with them. Here, the stock of drugs and/or genetic material is automatically updated with each veterinary treatment. In addition, the system also allows you to request a complete history per horse, so that all necessary reporting to the customer and government is provided at the click of a button. Finally, we also fine-tune the financial flow: the costs associated with the treatments, associated medication or genetic material and the stay of the horse concerned are automatically summarized and prepared in an invoice. This is how we guarantee a correct settlement of all costs.

How? We created a Single Page Application (SPA) developed with the javascript framework Vue.js and Vuetify as a front-end solution. For the backend piece, we used Express.js and Mongoose. Since our technology team always works according to DevOps principles, a version control system with an associated CI/CD pipeline was of course also provided. The application is hosted online on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), so that the application is always easily accessible for a very limited operational cost. The customer has already used the excellent Teamleader accounting package, which also allows you to easily set up a customized integration. As a result, customers are automatically synchronized and we can prepare the invoices for shipment fully automatically. Finally, we also ensured that the deliveries of medication and medical material were automatically imported into the stock management module.

Does this all sound Chinese to you, but are you also looking for a solution to organize your business even more efficiently? Then be sure to take contact join our technology and development team. They are happy to help you with your digital ambitions and guide you to the best solution for your company.

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