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Measurements, technical diagnostics, assembly, mounting, inspection, maintenance, repairs, ... Jeco Energies is the partner of choice for high-voltage and industrial electrical installations throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

The project

The year 2022 marks a major shift in the high-voltage landscape: incumbents DSG Belgium, DSG Netherlands and GENS rental, and later also Dymotec, joined forces to form a new holding company: Jeco Energies. Since then, the company has been growing fast. The HR specialists at Unikoo help the growing energy company keep everything on track.

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HR & Talent Management

Streamlined HR processes

Where different organisations merge, different ways of working also come together. After all, each company has its own habits and approach to HR. Our expert creates order in the chaos by writing and implementing a detailed framework around human resource management.

On the agenda: the organisation charts and organisational structure, uniformising HR documents, policies and procedures, time registration, the performance management cycle and the wage policy. Meanwhile, we also help Jeco Energies with Daily HR support such as answering socio-legal questions, internal communication, recruitment and fleet management.

All these efforts aim to set up a clear and unambiguous HR policy where both employees and employers and Jeco Energies' HR department know perfectly what to expect from one another.

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