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Measurements, technical diagnostics, assembly, mounting, inspection, maintenance, repairs, ... Jeco Energies is the partner of choice for medium- and high-voltage installations and industrial electrical installations throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

The project

The year 2022 marks a major shift in the high-voltage landscape: incumbents DSG Belgium, DSG Netherlands and GENS rental, and later also Dymotec, joined forces to form a new holding company: Jeco Energies. Since then, the company has been growing fast. The HR specialists at Unikoo help the growing energy company keep everything on track.

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HR & Talent Management

Streamlined HR processes

Where three organisations merge, three ways of working naturally come together, also in terms of HR. Our expert supports the team in developing and implementing a human resource management framework for these three companies. Moreover, she offers assistance in outlining processes, implementing new tools and operational day-to-day HR activities. More specifically, she offers support on:

  • Organisational charts and organisational structure: we support in drawing out a clear structure. This way, each employee knows where he or she is located within the company and to whom he or she reports.
  • HR processes: by streamlining onboarding processes, recruitment processes and exit procedures, we guarantee efficiency throughout the entire employee journey.
  • The roll-out of a number of policies. In collaboration with the in-house employees, we update the work regulations and outdated policies and roll out several new policies, including a car policy, mobile phone policy and a policy on working from home.
  • We standardise all HR documents, policies and procedures so that they are clear and transparent for everyone.
  • We implement a time registration system. This will facilitate the payroll process in the future and give employees more flexibility.
  • Job descriptions and competence profiles: by describing the job content in detail, we clarify for each employee what his or her tasks and responsibilities are. This serves as a basis for recruitment and evaluation processes.
  • Performance management cycle: we create a framework around evaluations and linked objectives, their frequency and so on. We also support the business in its implementation.
  • Pay policy: we examine the current pay policy and make adjustments where necessary. For instance, we (re)examine issues such as variable remuneration and extralegal benefits.
  • Daily HR support: we support Jeco Energies on numerous HR issues. From talks with employees, socio-legal questions, difficult HR issues and internal communication to fleet management.
  • We provide general HR support to the management team.
  • We further assist Jeco Energies in developing numerous projects, such as working out a framework around overtime, changing partners for purchasing work clothes and implementing a quality management system.

All these efforts aim to establish a clear and unambiguous HR policy where both employees and employers and Jeco Energies' HR department know perfectly well what to expect from each other.

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