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Software architects

Pencil 42 is a digital consultancy agency that implements digital projects for innovative companies such as VDAB, Acerta, Fluxys, and Pfizer.

They describe themselves as 'software developers for the digital world,' which concretely means that they help their clients with designing software architecture, analyzing and developing solutions, and providing training and coaching.

Pencil42 consists of a team of 20 employees and is based in Glabbeek.

End-to-end HR Care

Unikoo initially provided support in:

  • the entire recruitment process
  • onboarding new colleagues
  • fleet management from A to Z (leasing, quotes, garage, fuel cards, insurance,...)
  • general personnel administration
  • drawing up contracts
  • developing employee engagement surveys

Soon after, payroll administration and contact with the social secretariat were added.

Unikoo develops the further HR lines for Pencil42

Unikoo brought both hard (HR Admin) and soft (talent management) HR skills to Pencil42.

This quickly resulted in a pleasant collaboration and mutual trust, which led to the optimization of various talent processes being entrusted to Unikoo, such as:

  • the optimization of the salary policy
  • the validation of salary scales
  • the approach to promotions and raises
  • the cafeteria plan
  • the management of evaluations (including continuous feedback with Intuo)
  • the follow-up of coaching conversations

An initially temporary assignment turned into a collaboration of more than a year. Unikoo offered the unique combination of expertise and continuity, giving Pencil42 the time to search for high-quality internal solutions.

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