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Innovation hub

The Beacon is the vibrant innovation community located between the city and the port of Antwerp. Start-ups and established names in the tech world come together here to work on the port, logistics and cities of tomorrow.

All hands on deck

With a small team, you have to make do with what you have. At The Beacon, there was sometimes little time left for social media, designing Eventbrite banners or posters, and other forms of (visual) communication. Enter our Unikoo marketing and design specialists, who provide the necessary support to the company.

  • We provide content and design with 'daily' visuals, such as banners, templates for mail letters, posters, and signage, using programs like Canva, InDesign, and Illustrator.
  • We propose and further develop strategies for various communication channels, new business concepts, competitions, and (social media) campaigns.
  • We help you brainstorm creative concepts such as the implementation of events, the development of new communication formats, or the branding of new offerings.
  • We strengthen the sense of community by setting up interactive campaigns for The Beacon members, such as game posters and social media collaborations.
  • We brainstorm and coordinate projects with our own designers.

Our designer as guide

When The Beacon needs a specific visual that requires more expertise than the design skills of our marketers, they can always count on the Unikoo colleagues who have already earned their graphic stripes.

For example, our graphic team has already designed roll-up banners and trade show walls, but also the branding for new business offerings from The Beacon. Because our designer and marketer always work closely together, we can greatly relieve the customer. We take on not only the briefings but also all creative conceptualization. After a thorough Unikoo brainstorming session, we pitch various proposals to the client, which we can then further develop.

In short, The Beacon can rely on Unikoo for their visual marketing and additional graphic design. We do what it takes to get it done.

Do you also need a beacon of trust? You can count on Unikoo for marketing and graphic design, but also for recruitment, financial administration, and development. We look forward to seeing what we can do for you!

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