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Cube Lockers

Cube Lockers, founded by Nancy Van den Eynde, is an expert in lockers for offices, industry, police or fire departments, hospitals, schools, sports clubs and public spaces.

The Project

From website optimization to responsibility for online and offline marketing.

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Business support that you can't pigeonhole

Locker company Cube Lockers offers its customers customized locker and lock solutions, tailored to their needs. They therefore expect nothing less from their service providers. That's why Cube Lockers joined Unikoo in 2021, because the flexible support at Unikoo is exactly what they need.

A good website opens doors

A first assignment for our marketer was the website, because, according to Cube Lockers, both the content (site architecture, photos, copy,...) and the corporate identity and layout of their online business card could use a refresh. Our versatile marketers collected and analyzed all available documentation and designed the website based on this:

  • We cracked the SEO code and wrote new, SEO-optimized product pages and customer references using a comprehensive keyword analysis. We also incorporated the URL structure and meta tags into the website completely SEO-proof. This resulted in a major increase in organic web traffic.
  • We developed all content that fits the reworked page structure, including layout and instructions for the web developers. Our go-getter marketers also took control of all communication with developers, photographers, partners and suppliers.
  • We set up conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics so that Cube Lockers has the right insights into user actions and can act accordingly. This led, for example, to more pages per session, a longer average time on pages and a lower bounce rate.
  • Using the data from the conversion tracking, we identified new opportunities to increase the conversion rate and implemented them. For example, we provided a download option for brochures and shortened contact forms so that Cube Lockers could generate a lot of extra leads.

Ongoing marketing follow-up encrypts success

Of course, with a website up and running, it's not done yet. Our marketers provide Cube Lockers with ongoing support and thus successfully increase the company's brand awareness. A selection of the tasks:

  • Complete the website with new product pages, photos, or customer references
  • Plan, develop and publish LinkedIn posts on the Cube Lockers company page
  • Managing the presence at trade fairs
  • Design visually appealing promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, roll-up banners, ballpoint pens, candy bags, course blocks, and coasters
  • Monitor and analyze advertising campaigns and reports from the external performance marketing agency
  • Communicating with internal and external partners, suppliers, web developers or photographers on marketing-related issues
  • Develop content for external publications such as a sponsored newsletter or magazine publication
  • Carrying out market research when launching new products

A comprehensive administration for smooth business operations

Not only are our marketers committed to Cube Lockers, since spring 2022, our finadmin team has also been providing support to the company on a weekly basis.

  • We monitor projects from start to finish, or in this case from the first contact to billing. Our finadmin support is a first point of contact, prepares quotes and even arranges planning, delivery and billing.
  • To streamline these tasks even better, we are developing a customized CRM optimization process. This way, we can ultimately switch to one comprehensive tool for the entire project management.
  • Our finadmin colleague also takes care of customer support.

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