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PXL-Next was born out of a partnership between PXL University of Applied Sciences and Syntra¨XL. Thanks to this joining of forces, PXL-Next offers the answer to ever-changing training needs, with both academic and practical courses aimed at professionals in various fields.

The Project

SyntraPXL, one of the largest training centers in Limburg, is always looking for curious students who want to shape their mind and career. To also attract business professionals, SyntraPXL chose to roll out a new brand in collaboration with PXL University of Applied Sciences: PXL-Next. That's why SyntraPXL looked for additional expertise to strengthen its three-person marketing team. Our Unikoo-ers are happy to take on PXL-Next's marketing in tandem: one as a marketing consultant, the other as a content marketer.

Marketing & communication

Next-level marketing efforts

From the outset, our marketers were closely involved in the launch of PXL-Next. Before the launch, we wrote website copy, launched the social media channels and organized the launch event, among other things. In short: we spared no effort to make PXL-Next a great success. The brand has now been around for almost a year and we will continue to support daily marketing needs. A selection of our range of tasks:

  • We monitor the proposed marketing strategy
  • We support training coordinators in promoting new and existing courses
  • We are responsible for content creation, ranging from copywriting, designing prints and developing social media posts to developing and sending out mailings or newsletters and managing website content.
  • We developed a PXL-Next Ambassador Club where we encourage employees to act as ambassadors even more. Every quarter, we discuss the results of our efforts and set ambitious goals for the next quarter.
  • We stimulate the sense of community by focusing on our online PXL-next community every six weeks, which, in addition to employees, also includes alumni and attendees of PXL-next events
  • We are responsible for coordinating and promoting numerous events, including the launch of new courses and collaborations, the organization of the PXL-Next Quarters and the organization of the PXL-Next Ambassador Club

Next-level results

Where SyntraPXL called on Unikoo for marketing support exactly one year ago when writing this article, we are very proud to say that we are still a structural part of the team. In that year, by the way, we achieved many other results to say 'U' to:

  • We organized three successful events that were always full.
  • We built up a nice LinkedIn follower base
  • We activated the internal and external community and ambassadors
  • Thanks to our efforts, PXL-Next has now grown into a well-known name in the training landscape. And we are proud of that!

Do you also need NeXT-level marketing support in the short or longer term? Feel free to take contact with us. We would love to help you out!

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