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Utrecht-based start-up Neolook Solutions has its heart at the right place. Powered by AI, Neolook Solutions is making the case for premature babies and their parents. Thanks to advanced AI technology, doctors and healthcare workers can keep an eye on premature babies using video images, making a lengthy hospital stay no longer necessary. Is it still better for the baby to stay in the prematurity unit? Then parents can see their baby 24/7 thanks to Neolook Solutions' streaming service.

The project

Since caring for a premature child is very challenging for parents and healthcare professionals, Neolook Solutions wanted to ensure that the software was as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. A mission that our UX/UI specialist happily committed to. The end result? Well-crafted, tried-and-tested user interfaces for both the mobile app and the web version of Neolook Solutions.

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Graphic & digital design

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Neolook Solutions is a start-up that has grown at lightning speed. Their service is three-part: the AI technology aimed at healthcare professionals, the video streaming service aimed at families, and the AI service aimed at clinical research. The three services, each with their associated apps, coexisted like silos. And that was perhaps the biggest challenge of this project: to translate this into one brand story, where each component still remains recognisable. Our UX/UI designer fitted them together seamlessly.

A look at the overall project

Some of our achievements:

  • We drafted a new brand guide that brought together all logos, colours, typography and icons as a guide for Neolook Solutions' future designs and communications.
  • We merged Neolook Solutions' three separate service lines into one coherent whole.
  • We drew out user-friendly user-flows and translated them into intuitive interfaces, both for mobile apps and desktop views.
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