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Granite Works Otten

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Granite Works Otten

For 65 years, Granite Works Otten has been processing and installing natural stone with great passion. To ensure the future, however, it was time to go out with a contemporary image. A new showroom was high on the to-do list, as was a professional communication approach. In 6 weeks, we converted Granite Works Otten into a strong and timeless brand.

The Project

Research by Trends shows that 3 out of 4 companies in Belgium have a family approach. Without a doubt, they are the backbone of our economy. Granite Works Otten fits this picture perfectly: with the fourth generation on board and almost 65 years on the clock, it is a true family business. Father Ivan, mother Diane and son Kevin... the passion is shining. But like many family businesses, Granite Works Otten is fully committed to ensuring the future. This is how a new showroom is currently taking shape. But a professional communication approach was also high on the list. And this is where HiPPO by Unikoo comes into the story.

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Stone Age

The logo, the accompanying corporate identity applications and info brochures dated back more than 10 years ago. Counted in communication time: the Stone Age. Together with Ivan, Diane and Kevin, we rolled up our sleeves for 6 weeks to give Granite Works Otten a contemporary and fresh look. The result? A powerful logo, catchy slogan, beautiful photos, vibrant Facebook and Instagram pages, appealing brochures and much more.

Off the starting blocks

We started with an extensive kick-off meeting. For half a day, we learned everything about Granite Works Otten: what their strengths are, what improvements are on the table, what the production and processing process of natural stone involves, how deliveries take place, a tour of the workshop... Based on this, we wrote an identity statement: a strategic note that we consulted through all subsequent steps.
The challenge? In the future, Granite Works Otten wants to grow with sustainable, creative and customized interior and exterior solutions in natural stone.

Powerful, reliable and eye-catching

The first week and a half was dedicated to a new logo. We went together with KASPAR looking for a visually powerful and striking logo that at the same time exuded reliability. You can judge the result for yourself, but we are very excited in advance!

The gray-blue color is derived from the blue stone from Carrières du Hainaut, one of Granite Works Otten's absolute top brands. The serrated edge symbolises the raw stone slabs that they process into the desired application with knowledge and expertise. By opting for capital, the logo comes across as confident. The sober, clear typography makes the logo look reliable and sturdy, without making it too heavy. Finally, due to its shape, the logo is recognisable from afar and easy to use from small to large formats. The baseline “Creating dreams in stone” summarizes well what Granite Works Otten wants to achieve: creating their clients' dream kitchen, bathroom, staircase or... in natural stone. You can use the baseline separately from the logo, but it will always be visually linked to it thanks to the same font.

Corporate identity applications and images

During weeks 2 and 3 of our sprint, we examined Granite Works Otten's corporate identity applications. A flyer, two brochures, presentation folder, site signs, banners, name cards, envelopes, letterheads, truck stickers and many administrative documents (from quote, delivery note, order form, work order to invoice) were reviewed. We hired a professional photographer to visualize about ten references, along with the production process and installation. You can read why good images are crucial in this blog. We also took care of writing the texts. For each corporate identity application, we developed a number of creative proposals. Granite Works Otten now has all the necessary communication tools to look professional and modern.

Professionalizing online communication

Over the next 2 weeks, we switched to the online communication channels. After all, today's consumers like to find out extensively online before they even take a step towards the store or showroom. The existing website got a little refresh, we professionalized the Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages and they are filled with great posts. We drew up a content plan for the coming months and launched the first ads. So be sure to follow them on these social media. Bet you'll find great things that give you ideas for your (re) construction (s). Finally, we did a keyword analysis (read: how people search on Google for the products that Granite Works Otten sells). And they linked a real AdWords campaign to this.

Exciting launch

In the last week, we tied up all the loose ends, ordered the first print, put the content plan into action and... prepared for the launch. An exciting moment for us and for Granite Works Otten. We are not only proud of the (re) branding, but especially grateful for the 'excellent' cooperation with Ivan, Diane and Kevin. We wish them every success!

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