The Pelvic Floor

From knowledge and passion to a strong (digital) brand

The Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor problems are a common condition among women. A difficult birth, wear and tear due to old age or heavy strain are just a few possible causes. This inspired a team of researchers from the University of Antwerp to launch the online platform 'The Pelvic Floor'. A portal that wants to sensitize and inform women about preventing, reducing and remedying pelvic floor complaints. They put this ambition into practice through informative blog posts, exercise programs and a handy self-test.

The Project

Physiotherapist Hedwig Neels is on a mission: to break the taboo around pelvic floor problems among women and provide them with important principles and tools for a healthy pelvic floor. As an expert, she was looking for a way to (digitally) translate her knowledge. Unikoo was right up the alley, which met this demand with soft branding, a professional website, targeted marketing support and an advanced online self-check.

Graphic & digital design
Technology & development
Marketing & communication

A desire for intimate and warm communication

In the very first phase, it was the Unikoo branding team's turn. The introductory meeting mainly showed the need to raise women's awareness. There was never a word about harsh and icy terms such as KPIs, but about a deep-rooted desire for communication full of humanity and empathy. Initially, that vision needed a warm and friendly face, and a strong name. After a fruitful brainstorm, The Pelvic Floor born.

Then, our graphic designers and marketers took a firm look at the corporate identity and visualized the feminine touch that Hedwig had in mind. Soft earthy colors found a place in the new brand kit and made an appearance on social media and email campaigns. Both channels were used to communicate with both the female target group and with business contacts - such as physiotherapists and researchers - with the tone of voice primarily meant intimacy and warmth.

A website that catalyzes online visibility

What followed in phase two was a nice one-two between the Marketing team and the Technology & Development team. A brand new website was supposed to further shape the identity of The Pelvic Floor and increase its online presence. While Technology & Development provided an elegant website in the distinctive corporate identity, Marketing focused on keyword analysis and copywriting. The architecture of the site was expertly centered around the offer, with the numerous exercise programs, The Pelvic Bottom Book and blog articles featured. With a favourable ranking in Google and a flawless user journey as a bet.

Ah brainstorming experience

At no time was communication - both between departments and with the customer - lost sight of. After the end of the website project, we therefore organized an interactive workshop where we critically examined the achievements and identified new areas for improvement. This is also how the idea arose to offer an online screening on the website, which allows female visitors to assess the health of their pelvic floor. A challenge that our Technology & Development was happy to take on.

Online self-check? Check!

After a short test phase, we launched the online self-control on November 14, 2022. A true feat, finding the right balance between user-friendliness and speed on the one hand and the introduction of complex variables on the other. Because customized online advice requires a solid backend mechanism. The marketing team also remained involved in the story and provided engaged copywriting. The results were impressive, to say the least. Since November, the self-test has been performed 2,700 times, resulting in only two errors. Even on busy days, such as the very first day with 1,000 respondents, the speed and functionality of the application held up.

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