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Being God in Tessenderlo


Located in quiet Tessenderlo, a stone's throw from business parks and the E313 highway, you will find the green oasis of O-Biz. Three modern business flats where you can completely relax after a busy working day. You'll feel like God in France... but in Tessenderlo.

The project

Owners Marie-Elisa and Emmanuel were looking for a branding partner to translate O-Biz's story from A to Z in a telling, visual way. From name, logo, corporate identity to website: with the HiPPO by Unikoo branding, O-Biz is all set to spoil its guests.

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Graphic & digital design

A white sheet

We literally started this journey with a white sheet. Because except for the three business flats, there was nothing yet. The first step then, of course, is to give the child a name. O-Biz encompasses several meanings:

  • The 'O' refers to O-Lit, the B&B that owners Marie-Elisa and Emmanuel already run.
  • The 'Biz' is a nod to bis, as this is the second project of this entrepreneurial couple.
  • But the 'Biz' als stands for the business target group that O-Biz aims to reach.
  • Finally, the spelling with Z is not accidental. Zzzleeping in a green oasis and lovely bed: that is what O-Biz guarantees.

Warm & cosy

At O-Biz, you instantly experience a homey atmosphere. This is complemented by extensive hotel service. Don't feel like standing behind the stove? Then you can even feast on a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. The logo & accompanying house style had to radiate these unique assets. We therefore opted for warm colors (orange & blue tones) combined with a calm, but clean style.

Convincing website

O-Biz's website is the final piece of our branding process. With striking photos, you immediately taste the peace and class. Moreover, you get a handy overview of all the facilities of each business flat. All this in Dutch, English and French. By optimizing the website in terms of SEO, O-biz is easily found online.

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