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Gemeente Bocholt

Vibrant communication for Gemeente Bocholt


Bocholt, a municipality in Limburg located on the border with the Netherlands, has around 13.750 inhabitants and four smaller villages (Kaulille, Reppel, Lozen and Bocholt). With over 200 local organisations and numerous events every year, Bocholt is known as the bustling municipality of choice, both among the residents of Bocholt and far beyond.

The project

The bicycle-friendly infrastructure, well-known brewery, unique historical events and the abundance of greenery make Bocholt a vibrant municipality to be proud of. In other words, there is no shortage of liveliness. Of course, a dynamic municipality like Bocholt is never standing still. The local government has developed a number of policy objectives in terms of mobility, sustainability and well-being to turn Bocholt into a pleasant place to live and stay. The main challenge for the local government? To efficiently convey this message to the residents, which happens to be exactly what our Unikoo-ers excel at.

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Marketing & communication

Vivid communication

In the several months we have been working for Bocholt, we have already achieved many things to be proud of:

  • We revived ‘Leven in de Brouwerij’, known among the inhabitants as an initiative to reactivate society after COVID-19. Whereas he concept previously only applied to events in Bocholt, we extended to other teams such as mobility, sustainability and well-being. After all, these themes also contribute to the citizens’ experience.
  • A new concept comes with a brand new look-and-feel, which is why we had the logo and corporate identity reworked. In addition, we revamped the existing website of Leven in de Brouwerij. On this website, residents can find all information on the various themes.

We also support the communication team with more ongoing projects:

  • We offer help in defining the marketing strategy.
  • We maintain the content on the website of Leven in de Brouwerij.
  • We worked out templates for both printed and digital communication carriers. Each employee has access to these templates and can use them for a variety of communication purposes.
  • We provide support for day-to-day marketing activities. From copywriting and working out social media posts to designing flyers and brochures: no problem for our marketers.

Conclusion? The municipality of Bocholt can rely on Unikoo's extensive expertise to communicate its policy objectives to the outside world in an efficient, convincing way. Together we achieve the set objectives!

Could you also use some support to get your message across effectively? We got your back! Feel free to contact us and we will gladly see what we can do for you.

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