Unikoo built a customized solution for Digipolis


Digipolis Antwerp supports various local authorities, such as the City of Antwerp, in achieving their digital goals.

The Project

Unikoo is building a customized solution for Digipolis to simplify the application for a business permit in Antwerp.

Technology & development

To make this a success too, we are tackling this as follows:

  1. Together with the employees of Digipolis and the City of Antwerp, we determine what information is necessary to launch a valid application;
  2. Our team defines the “customer journey” and, based on that, develops a UX proposal with wireframes;
  3. We validate this concept through user testing;
  4. Based on this concept, we will iteratively start building the solution. Along the way, we adjust the solution based on new insights & needs.

As entrepreneurs, we are proud to be able to help fellow entrepreneurs with these kinds of projects.

In addition to this project, we also support Digipolis in a number of other projects where we include the project & program follow-up.

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