The project

Never change a winning team. As Teamleader partner, Unikoo has completed tons of projects using the powerful, user-friendly cloud CRM platform. For many of our customers, we have improved their efficiency by connecting various tools and applications to the platform.

However, setting up integrations is not always as easy as you’d think. For example: what if the customer uses an application that is custom made? Right, the integration must be custom made as well. Just like in the case explained below.

The assignment was twofold: Teamleader and the tailored application had to sync data, and Teamleader needed to automatically generate invoices.

In sync

Our clients’ custom made application was set to manage a lot of complex data, of which the customers were only a tiny segment. In the first instance, the customers were stored in Teamleader. Here, Teamleader segregates contacts and companies, or in this case: private or professional clients. This data had to merge into the clients’ tailored application, preferably joined in just one segment: customers.

Every synchronisation, our integration compares the customer data in Teamleader to the database in the tailored application.

Generate invoices

It was important for our client to save time spent on administration. They wanted to send invoices more efficiently. In their tailored application, they register a variety of actions demanding an invoice: used products, services offered or other procedures.

Our integration automatically created invoices for this data, ready to be sent in Teamleader. What’s more, it automatically adapts the invoice to different VAT rates for national or international customers. The client only has to check the invoices and send them out with just one click on the button.

What’s next?

The client is looking to further exploit Teamleaders efficiency. For some products and services, they are looking to send an automated mailing suggesting a new order or appointment. Based on past invoices, we will evaluate which products or services are eligible and how long it usually takes clients to go through their stock. This average rotation time can be used to plan the timing of the reminder mailings. This way, every customer gets a unique, tailored service.

The client

Teamleader is a fast-growing scale-up specialising in work management software.


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