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Stress-free business

Our Office & Management Assistance takes care of your worries to a higher level. With a wide range of skills, our versatile office managers provide oxygen to entrepreneurs and SMEs. Whether it's sales support, HR, marketing, administration, billing or more, they take on a variety of tasks. They bring structure to the chaos, and for specific niche expertise in finance, digitization, marketing or HR, they can count on our in-house colleagues. That's the Unikoo way!

How we unburden you:
  • General administration: Our experts take charge of daily administrative tasks, including correspondence and telephony, calendar management, and document management.
  • HR support: Rely on your ideal sidekick for payroll, talent development, change management, employer branding, and more.
  • Event support: From conferences to company parties, our experts arrange everything down to the last detail.
  • Sales & Marketing support: Think of updating customer information in CRM, assisting in setting up campaigns, and following up on leads and prospects.
  • Fleet management: Vehicle registration and documentation, maintenance planning, compliance and regulations — we manage every aspect of your fleet efficiently.
  • Invoicing: From preparing invoices to payment monitoring and compliance with tax obligations, our experts will take over this administrative task for you.

Why choose Unikoo:
  • Save time: and effort! We have already done the selection of qualitative profiles for you.
  • Flexibility: Working Onsite or Remote? One or more days a week? Or take a break? We adapt seamlessly to your needs, which is also cost-efficient.
  • Stability: Enjoy more stability than an internal hire or freelancer. No worries about sick days, vacations or the risk of moving to another company. We are continuously there for the long term.
  • One point of contact: Get one expert and benefit from the knowledge of an entire team. Your expert is in daily contact with other in-house experts in the fields of finance, administration, marketing and sales to boost your organization.


As an entrepreneur, you are undoubtedly looking for the expertise of a CFO. A permanent CFO may not be at the top of your priority list yet. Discover the added value of our CFO-as-a-service model, designed specifically for scale-ups and growth companies.

Our financial experts provide customized financial-strategic advice, allowing you to benefit from high-quality financial expertise in a flexible, cost-effective and scalable way. This is how we empower your company to thrive at every stage of growth.

Why CFO-as-a-Service at Unikoo?

In a rapidly changing business environment, accurate financial insight is critical for growth companies that want to make informed strategic decisions. At Unikoo, we offer the expertise of a Chief Financial Officer without the obligations of a full-time CFO. This form of interim financial management enables cost-conscious growth companies to focus on their growth ambitions.

Whether you want to integrate technological innovations into finance, make data-driven decisions, optimize the budget cycle, or manage financial risks, our experienced CFO Business Consultants are your key to success. Full time or part time, the choice is yours.

How we help you grow

Cost savings

Save significantly on costs compared to a full-time CFO. Only pay for required time and services, without the burden of a permanent salary and additional costs


Switch effortlessly between scaling up and scaling back CFO services based on your current needs. Ideal for rapid growth phases or economic challenges.

Easy access to expertise

Get access to an experienced professional with extensive knowledge, previously out of the reach of smaller companies. Get high-quality expertise without the burden of permanent costs.

Focus on core activities

Outsource financial matters to a CFO so that, as a business manager, you can fully concentrate on your core tasks.

Better decision-making

Our CFOs provide accurate financial forecasts and analysis, resulting in better decision-making for your company. Rely on their expertise for more insight.

Strategic insight and advice

Get valuable strategic advice from our CFOs. They are ready to help with critical financial decisions and provide insights into the latest best practices available today.

Risk Management

Our CFOs help identify and manage financial risks, which is critical to the stability and sustainability of your company. Rely on their expertise for effective risk management.

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What we do for you

Our fractional CFOs are ready to support you in various areas, both remotely and at your office. This includes:

Budgeting & Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cost Control & Optimization

Profitability Analysis

Strategic Financial Planning

Investment Analysis

Management Reporting & Systems

Performance Management & KPI Development

Variance Analysis

Internal Controls Check

Audit Preparation


Why choose Unikoo?

A customized solution

We match a CFO consultant or interim controller who perfectly matches your needs, organization and growth phase. Pragmatic, flexibly adaptable to your needs.


Because we work with teams, we can combine multiple expertise and profile levels at the cost of one FTE. This means more stability and quality at a competitive, predictable price.

We grow with you

Our services grow with your needs, not only financially, but also with experts in marketing, HR, technology and graphic design. Short lines of communication ensure sustainable results.
Picture of teammember Jorne

Jorne Delforge

Technology Lead

As co-founder and lead of the Technology and Development team, Jorne is indispensable in the Unikoo story. Thanks to his analytical skills, he also plays a role in optimizing our internal operations and that of our customers. He seamlessly translates his previous experiences as IT Architect & Project Manager at Bose, bpost and Telenet into pragmatic solutions for our start-up and SME customers.

Picture of teammember Nick

Nick Van Meerbeeck

Head of Finance/CFO Unikoo

Nick seamlessly translates his 15 years of finance experience gained in both the 'Big-Four' (KPMG) and the internal business world (Ferranti, Port of Antwerp-Zeebrugge) into pragmatic solutions for our startup, scale-up and SME customers. Thus, he is ideally placed to manage the Unikoo Finance services, including our CFO services.

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