The importance of a good logo

A logo is like a business card for a company. It forms the first impression that potential customers have. It shows who you are as a company and what you stand for, as a visual symbol that reflects your core values and identity.That's why you have to make sure your logo makes an impact. Your logo needs to stand out, excite, and attract attention. But what is a good logo?

1. Memorable in simplicity

A good logo is simple but effective in its design: it stands out, stimulates and attracts attention. Such a strong and simple logo is easy to recognize and remember, both for existing customers as potential customers. After all, the high-scores in those earlier logo games didn't lie: if people know your logo, your brand also wins a spot in their minds. And when potential customers have a need that your company can fulfill, there is nowhere you would rather be than top of mind.

2. A reflection of your business

A good logo visualizes what you stand for as a company. It should evoke the right atmosphere and appeal to feelings that match the company's products or services. In fact, the mission, vision and values that you want to express as a company are already included here. Do you like to put reliability in the spotlight? Or does a creative, eye-catching or bold logo more likely illustrate your brand identity? A logo is a piece of your brand's public image that is entirely in your hands!

3. Stand out from the competition

When you think of cola, you probably see the logo of the market leader in front of you. Mr. Clean is nothing without the cleaning hunk who has adorned the bottles since time immemorial, and you can't imagine Pringles without a mustachioed bottle either. Logos are strong visual cues that stand out immediately on store shelves or online offerings, differentiating products from the competition. The colors, fonts and mascots make the products recognizable everywhere. So with an attractive logo that draws attention or generates positive associations, you are one step ahead of the competition.

4. Loyal following

A good logo can also contribute to brand loyalty. People feel more connected to a brand they can identify with, recognize, and remember. That loyalty can be expressed in a simple brand preference, but it can also go much further. People also use logos for self-expression or as a status symbol. For example, designer shirts with prominent branding as prints, but also supermarket chain Lidl, which presented a successful range of merchandise.

5. Professional impression

A good logo makes a positive impression. It can increase customer trust, show that you have an eye for detail and that you pay attention to the things that matter. But of course, the opposite is also true: an outdated, messy or unprofessional logo reflects on your company. You quickly seem careless, uncommitted, nonchalant, unserious, or even untrustworthy. Do you have an outdated logo that no longer fully matches your brand identity? Then it is time to take a thorough look at this.


In short, a good logo can really make a difference for your brand. Are you launching a new brand or does your current brand need a refresh? Are you considering taking a professional approach? Our branding specialists design a logo and initiate a dazzling corporate identity, from colors and fonts that perfectly visualize your company to the tone of voice for all communications.

Interested? Get in touch with our branding wizards and transform your logo into a worthy signboard for your company.