Marketing strategy

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Marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy should always be part of your 360° business strategy. Because elements such as business activities, products or services, resources, distribution channels, customer relationships, sectors and partners always impact the way we shape our strategy and the choices we make.

A marketing strategy aims to find prospects and turn them into loyal customers. That's why we always follow a proven methodology when drawing up a marketing plan.

Analysis of the current situation:

By conducting workshops, brainstorming sessions, our own research and/or surveys, we map out:

  • Where you are today, where you want to go and how to get there . We like to look at this in 360° so that we can gain insight into all elements of your company strategy.
  • What the target group, market (segmentation) and the competitive landscape looks like. If desired, we complement these insights with market research. We define personas, the value proposition canvas and the customer journey.
  • Opportunities such as missed customer segments, new products and services from a renewed pricing model.
  • What's missing in your current plan? We take a look at new partnerships, new sales channels, customer relationships, digitization opportunities and so on.
  • How marketing initiatives contribute to success. This can be about pricing strategies, positioning and online or offline communication channels.

A well-founded strategy:

We help you with your marketing and communication strategy. Depending on what you find important, we focus on:

  • An online marketing strategy: this is crucial for running the right online channels to reach your goals and target groups. This is also a critical first step for website tracking and marketing automation. We indicate how to optimise your website or webshop and help you with campaigns, tools, SEO, advertising on Google or social media, automation and content marketing.
  • An offline marketing strategy with media planning and PR: when can you use TV radio, press relations, magazines, marketing materials, trade fairs and (virtual) events, webinars or seminars, etc.?
  • Other marketing initiatives such as optimisation of the customer journey, customer service, loyalty programs, etc.
  • Reporting and required budgets.

From plan to output

Lastly, we indicate what follow-up and support is needed to execute the marketing plan. This can be ad hoc support, providing training or coaching and setting up, managing or supporting all marketing actions and campaigns.