Digital Performance marketing 

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Digital Performance marketing 

Your message? We get it across to your target group. And come back with tangible results. We re-evaluate, adapt our strategy when needed and report regularly. That’s how we create a campaign that reaches its goals.


Search engine advertising (SEA) is paid advertising on Google. Search engine optimization (SEO), on the other hand, makes sure your webpage scores a high ranking in search engines organically. Both techniques enable prospects to find your website. One is paid, the other is a lot of work. But what’s the best choice for your company? Our team finds your answer.


Would you like to have banner ads on external websites? We investigate your target audience until we know exactly where to advertise your banner. Thanks to our graphic design team, we can provide you with the visuals while we’re at it. Would you like animations in your banner? No problem.

Website tracking & reporting

To optimise online campaigns, and possibly adjust them, you have to evaluate them. To do so, you need the right numbers. We collect them for you with an intelligent tracking system on your website and other marketing channels.

Social media ads

Do you want to put your organization in the spotlight? Or announce a new product? We select the social media channels that work best for you and guarantee campaigns with impact. And what about the visuals, such as photos and videos? We call on our design team. That way, you only need one partner: Unikoo.


Some people are inveterate milksops and need some extra encouragement to convert. Others are quick deciders, but might not immediately find what they need and click away from your website (even if you have what they're looking for!). With remarketing campaigns, you appeal to them again. Via social media, Google ads or banners, you encourage them to have another look at your website.