Content marketing  & PR

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Content marketing is about building trust and credibility through information and advice, without directly trying to sell anything. In content marketing, you regularly publish content. This could be a blog article with some tips, a post on social media or a newsletter for your customers. We prepare your content calendar for you so that your company knows exactly what it will communicate and when. And of course, we're happy to make that content for you too.

Email marketing 

Do you want to communicate with your stakeholders without too much effort? Opt for email marketing. We set up a personalized campaign for you, write convincing emails and show you how to send everything.

Social media marketing 

Social media can no longer be ignored these days. As a company, you can’t stay behind. We help you draw up a relevant social media calendar, copy and visuals. If necessary, we also plan and schedule everything, shouldering all of your social media efforts. This way, you stay top of mind with your followers without sacrificing the time you should be spending on your core business.

Influencer marketing 

The advantage of a well-chosen influencer? His target audience is your target audience, so your message will resonate exactly where it needs to be heard. The influencer knows his/her followers like no other and tailors your message perfectly to your audience. We find your influencer match, contact them and make agreements. And they, in turn, create impact.

Press actions

Did you notice an interesting trend in your company or sector? Is your company crossing national borders for the first time? Have you developed an innovative product or are you organizing a special event? A media appearance or press communication helps you spread your message to a wide audience. A journalist is always looking for fascinating stories. By inspiring them with yours, you can suddenly reach many people. And positive press coverage is priceless. Together we turn your message into a convincing story, which we then tell the right journalists.


When emotions and experience come together, it can make a big impression. Link your brand to such a memorable experience and you instantly create a strong bond with your target audience. That's the power of event marketing. Do you want to create a different experience for your brand? We create the event of a lifetime for you. Would you rather have your say in an existing event? Then we look for the right speaking opportunities to convey your message.