The Project

SnowXchains was looking for a partner for its online marketing. And found it in Unikoo.

We approach every online marketing project in the same way. During the initial interview, we find out what the client wants and what the company needs. We then draw up an online marketing strategy containing objectives, target groups, channels, content, and a media plan because stand-alone actions lack impact.

Specifically, we did - and still do - the following:

  • installed Google Tag Manager on the website and set up different tags. By doing this we know how people use the website and if we are achieving our goals.
  • created a calendar for Facebook, Instagram and, LinkedIn messages
  • set up paying campaigns via Google and Facebook, in different languages
  • monitored how everything was going each week and made any necessary adjustments.
  • detailed reporting every month
The focus of this project? Performance marketing. This means that we evaluate the success of the campaigns via measurable values, such as conversions and cost per conversion. In addition, we pull out all the stops to reach the target group more effectively: from continuous optimization to testing new formats and channels.

The Customer

SnowXchains is an online sharing platform that brings together people renting out and hiring snow chains. The organization is since active in four languages and five countries.

Delivered services


Marketing & communication