The Project

Salino aims to encourage website visitors to plan their events via the platform. It's perfectly matched with the company's blog, full of tips, trends, and inspiration. To keep it active, our Marketing & Communication team regularly provides text. In addition, we came up with a social advertising campaign to reach the target group even more effectively.

Our Recruitment & Talent Management team gave Salino specific answers to questions such as:

  • How do you prepare for an interview?
  • What kind of questions do you ask during an interview?
  • How and why do you check the references of potential candidates?

Finally, our Technology & Development team leaped into action for the company website. We added helpful features and eliminated snags, making the site work better than ever.

The Customer

Salino is a digital event platform that organizes professional and personal events.

Delivered services


Talent management & recruitment


Marketing & communication


Technology & development