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Quality Service Belgium/Europe

Laying the groundwork for a digital business


Quality Service is an outsourcing services company with over 120 professionals in the construction industry. They staff big and small construction sites with qualified labour forces, always focusing on safety and humanity.

The project

Quality Service managed to grow its expert pool enormously in a short period of time. This may allow them to provide more construction companies and construction sites with skilled workers, but the resulting administration is now much more involved. The Quality Service team was buried in work. That's why they sought help from Unikoo. We gladly took over the groundwork and laid the foundations for efficient digital administration.

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Well-oiled invoice management thanks to appropriate digital tools

First, we tackled the incoming invoices: we introduced Billit, an online invoicing and payment platform that meets all of Quality Service's needs. Within the platform they can keep track of all invoices, sort them and pay them in one go - a huge time saver.

But with 120 people working on assignments for different companies and using different materials, also the outgoing invoices take up a lot of time. Time investments and materials use differ enormously, so standardization is out of the question. The first big challenge was time registration. We searched for a suitable tool for Quality Service that registers the working hours via the location of the delivery truck. We also plan to integrate this tool with the Teamleader invoicing program. This way, Quality Service can easily check the automatically generated invoices and send them with one click.

Good planning is half the battle

The next stumbling block in the administration of Quality Service is the planning of the work forces. They used to manage this in Excel, but the enormous growth of the company made this untenable and, besides the company manager, there was no one else who could manage this. After an extensive search, we couldn't find a tool that met all of Quality Service's diverse requirements, so we built a custom visualization in Monday. This simplified view allows them to easily keep track of site schedules and adjust work schedules right away.

No digital business without a website

Anno 2022, you can't stay offline as a company, especially if you're committed to digitalization. That's why our developers and marketers joined forces and built a brand new website for Quality Service. We organized a drone and photo shoot for striking images, interviewed the manager to provide the website with strong texts and designed it all in Webflow. In addition, we taught the client how to easily add content, such as references or job openings, to their website.

Through various tools and some customized solutions, we helped Quality Service lay the foundations for a digital business. Not only does their financial management and planning run a lot smoother now, but we also gave the company an online presence with a user-friendly new website.

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