PIXMIX Studios


The Project

PIXMIX Studios had two questions for Unikoo: whether we could take over their administration and turn their web design into a working website. Our answer? Yes, on both counts!

First: the administration. The company used to send its documents to their accountant every quarter. But this caused two problems: a poorly allocated workload and a limited overview. It became challenging to answer simple questions like "Which customers are in arrears" and "By when do we have to pay our suppliers?".

There had to be another way. Our Finance & administration team opted for weekly accounting and made Exact Online the standard program. Since then, the managers have relied on figures in real-time, without a second thought. Need to follow up on outstanding receivables and pay suppliers? It's never been easier. We also take care of the company's invoices. Invoices now get the adequate follow-up. Hello, positive cash flow. In addition, we send the company a management report every month. That way, the managers know exactly how to run PIXMIX Studios even better.

Finally, we put the icing on the website's cake. PIXMIX Studios gave us a web design, and we transformed it into a new website that works effectively. What's more, it is automatically updated with the company's latest videos, thanks to a personalized CMS system designed by us.

The Customer

PIXMIX Studios is a post-production house in Berchem. It creates content for film, television, and the internet.

Delivered services


Finance & administration