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Medical Precision

Medical Precision's full health check


Medical Precision helps medical professionals with sales, maintenance and repairs of their endoscopes and echo probes.

The project

Undeniably, there are a lot of pain points in the medical sector. And administration is one of them. Moreover, as a service provider in the medical sector, it is important for Medical Precision to radiate professionalism and reliability. A rebrand operation was therefore in order. A few years ago, endoscope distributor Medical Precision found the way to Unikoo for administration, debtor management support, the digitization process and a rebranding. 

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Finger on the pulse with finadmin support

  • Our finadmin-support created a clear and complete overview for the former administration, even when there was no digital documentation yet. This way, the company has the maintenance history of all devices, not only those that were documented via Teamleader.
  • In addition, our administrative go-getter also took on debtor management and doing so, filled a lot of gaps in the bookkeeping. All old unpaid invoices were followed up and eliminated, and any mistakes from the past were rectified.
  • Prevention is of course better than cure. That is why our finadmin support now assists the company with the preparation of invoices and stock management so that Medical Precision has more time for its core business.
  • By taking on a number of office management tasks as well, our finadmin support further reduces the workload and helps to monitor other business opportunities.

A successful rebranding operation

  • Our experts in design, development and marketing did a complete health analysis of the brand. Treatment phase 1? Implementing a contemporary corporate identity. We took Medical Precision's logo and gave it a modern look and feel. The red tones, wavy shapes and clear font form the basis for all further designs.
  • Based on this complete rebrand, we took care of the website in phase 2. We reviewed the structure, created new web designs and built a completely new site in Webflow - an extremely user-friendly all-in-one platform with a built-in CMS that allows the client to make changes themselves.
  • In addition, we also proposed new graphic designs to adapt name cards, PowerPoint templates, info brochures and so on, all matching the new corporate branding.

The result

After these interventions, Medical Precision has almost all its administrative affairs in order, comes across as reliable, and exudes the credibility of the important player it actually is.

Does your company also need a finger on the pulse or a complete health analysis? Contact Unikoo and our teams will work together to get the best out of your business.

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