LOU Jewels


The Project

Antwerp has been the city of diamonds for over five centuries. So when diamond trader Bart Loots asked us to design the webshop for his brand new brand LOU Jewels, we were honored to do our bit and somehow be part of this glorious aspect of Antwerp heritage. So with much pleasure, and above all efficiency, we created a dazzling webshop.

Anno 2021, every retail company needs a webshop. The premium jewelry brand LOU Jewels decided it’s time to get online and dive into e-commerce. To attract new customers, but also to show their brilliant products to the world. Besides, they realized there’s a misconception about the actual price of premium jewelry with genuine gemstones and precious metals. A webshop showing the price tag for each of their rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings could help rectify the image of premium jewelry. At LOU Jewels, you can order a natural diamond ring starting from 590 euros.

We launched a kickoff meeting with LOU Jewels and our Unikoo copywriter, developer, and designer. Together we decided on the style, tone of voice, and content for this fabulous website. Because LOU Jewels should be able to easily make changes or add products, we decided to go for the most user-friendly solution: a Shopify webshop. We created an elegant webshop in just a few days, thanks to the efficient collaboration between our development team and marketing team. What’s more, we could easily integrate all existing social media, mailing platforms, etc.

Our Shopify expert set up the webshop, imported all products through an excel sheet, created the different product variables, and introduced the customer to the platform, teaching them how to make changes to their webshop. Our content marketeer shaped the webshop with fitting copy and beautiful images provided by LOU Jewels. Correct, informative content was crucial here because LOU Jewels works with both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Our copywriter carefully explained the (basically non-existing) difference and anticipated more questions by providing a FAQ. With this extra content, we helped the end customers with their queries and saved LOU Jewels a lot of time doing so.

The result? In a few weeks, start to finish, we launched LOU Jewels’ brand new website! An effort much appreciated:

Would you also like to get online and create your webshop most efficiently? Then, contact us and let our backend-polisher and wordsmith design your perfect webshop! Because you’ve got to admit: it’s a gem.

The Customer

LOU Jewels designs and manufactures affordable, quality jewelry. With years of experience (the family has been in the diamond industry for several generations) and never-ending creativity, they make jewelry for every story. Because everyone should be able to invest in unique jewels.


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