The Project

Agriculture has been part of life on earth for thousands of years. But today, it goes beyond common sense. Farmers and livestock breeders, and other significant players in the agricultural market no longer have to rely solely on their experimental agricultural wisdom to increase their chances of a good harvest or good business results but can also count on scientific research. And this research could even help them set up a thriving agricultural business.

Kynetec helps major players worldwide to get a grip on the agricultural market. At the customer's request, they conduct market research into crop protection, seeds, machinery, sustainability, digital agriculture, and more. They interrogate all links in the value chain, from farmers to retailers to agronomists, translate the research results into business opportunities and help clients map out successful strategies. Moreover, there is increasing attention for sustainability and animal welfare, topics in which Kynetec gladly guides its customers.

Once the market research is completed, there is an intensive collaboration with their client to convert these research results into a working business strategy. That is why Kynetec focuses on a detailed but also visually attractive presentation of the results. Enter Unikoo. Our graphic design team shapes the research results with appropriate formats that Kynetec can use in reports and presentations.

Each time an investigation is completed and written, Kynetec provides us with the text files of the results. Our graphic design team converts this copy and figures into infographics that attract and retain attention. This is the last step in the entire research process, so we often race against the clock. No problem for our flexible and stress-resistant design team, but it makes it all the more important to work efficiently. That's why we put together a vector set with hundreds of flat icons of our own and existing designs. Together, these icons ensure that we can continually create a suitable visual and vary enough.

And that is well received at Kynetec. We have had the pleasure of working with them since 2018 on 37 exciting and instructive projects. We are looking forward to more! Do you also need solid and informative visuals to enhance your presentations, reports, or other communications? Then, feel free to contact our graphic team, and we'll go to the drawing table together.

The Customer

Kynetec is the world leader in market research for agriculture and animal health. The research agency helps companies worldwide understanding the dynamics of their market and positioning themselves in it.


Graphic & digital design