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A brand new website for a solid online presence


BouwXLence is an expertise agency that supports construction companies in pursuing Operational Excellence (OpEx). With their unique, self-developed BouwXLence methodology and a combination of coaching, auditing, consulting, planning and implementation of software tools, the company offers practical solutions to various challenges on site, such as deadlines, high failure costs and poor communication.

The project

BouwXLence came to Unikoo to ask for help with their website. Before, the website was too complex, technical and overgrown with jargon (read: engineering jargon). The Unikoo marketers rolled up their sleeves for a major website renovation. The result? A user-friendly, straightforward and conversion-oriented website!

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Marketing & communication

From planning to successful implementation

BouwXLence could count on Unikoo for:

  • Project planning: Since Hendrik and Wendy, the managers of BouwXLence, attach great importance to processes and planning, we worked out a detailed project plan they could fully support. After all, we like to adapt to our client's preferences!
  • Website design: Like a solid construction, a website stands or falls with a good structure. The website had to be as user-friendly as possible, so we looked for a user-friendly template that would reflect the BouwXLence identity.
  • Copywriting: We used a pull method for the texts on the new website. We started from the future client's perspective and imagined what they would want to see. From landing pages to cases and blogs, we made sure the website was, above all, informative and clear. And the SEO leads will come naturally!
  • Graphic design: We designed images and drawings for the new website to make it visually attractive.
  • SEO optimisation: We set up Google Search Console to monitor and optimise the website's performance and conducted keyword research to identify relevant keywords.
  • Customer case studies: We conducted interviews with satisfied customers, which we then transcribed and turned into engaging customer case studies.

Excellent results

The question was simple: Hendrik and Wendy wanted a fresh, new and, above all, clear website that they felt comfortable with. No hard KPIs had been agreed upon. Yet we achieved some excellent results:

  • A significant improvement in SEO: where the website previously had few to no visitors, we boosted web traffic to 115 individual visitors in six months. Moreover, the site ranked 2,930 search results,. All organically, without any promotion.
  • The number of search terms with Google rankings increased from 0 to 108 in just one year.

Are you also seeking a reliable partner to help you make an excellent website or strengthen your marketing efforts? Feel free to give us a call; we'd love to see what we can do for you!

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