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Digital finances for IT player Microtron


Microtron is a B2B-focused organisation specialised in IT products and solutions for many key sectors, including healthcare, aviation and government. After being founded almost 50 years ago, the company grew to become the trusted supplier and partner of among others industrial computers, electronic components, RFID and network equipment in the Benelux.

The project

As a reliable partner in IT solutions, a company like Microtron obviously could not stay behind in terms of digitisation in accounting. Moreover, the company was in need of more ongoing support in the area of Finance & Administration due to an intense workload in the finance department and an upcoming merger with Meanit. Enter our Finance & Administration Talent Joni, who is more than happy to use her know-how and expertise to help our customer.

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Finance & administration

Digital in IT and finance

For an international organisation like Microtron, efficient operations are crucial to ensure its continuity. Our Finance & Administration expert offers support in improving and automating various processes:

  • We are focusing on digitisation and automation: less paper, more digital.
  • In the future, we want to book banks automatically with CodaBox, and we are checking with the IT department whether this is possible with the current accounting package.
  • We are working on booking invoices digitally. By automating this process, we can drastically reduce the workload.
  • We guarantee that customers pay in time by continuously following up. If necessary, we send them a reminder/
  • We provide general business support and handle the mailbox.
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