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The Project

Behind the scenes, running a successful business requires a lot more organization than you’d think. This is no different for the Hof Ter Leeuwe horse reproduction center. With hundreds of horses and mares in their portfolio, it is challenging to keep an overview of all customers, treatments, medicines, embryos, and genetic material.

As the Dutch would say: a good horse does not make a good rider, but it might help you win the race. So likewise, the proper means can make a huge difference in reaching your goal. That’s why Hof Ter Leeuwe requested Unikoo to upgrade their existing, outdated data management systems. Instead, they needed a modern, integrated ERP system to monitor and manage all of their business operations.

Our technology team was more than happy to take on this challenge. First, our team sat down with Hof Ter Leeuwe and discussed their administration process. How were they managing their administration before, and how would they prefer to work? This allowed us to keep the good elements of their old systems and add modern, user-friendly, and advanced functions like an integration with their accounting system

Genetisch materiaal Hof ter Leeuwe

We created an application that allows Hof Ter Leeuwe to manage the entire reproduction cycle for every horse they treat. After every veterinary procedure, the medicine and genetic material stock are updated automatically. In addition, the system allows exporting an entire history for each horse so that every report for customers or the government can be ordered with just one click. Finally, we have perfected the financial flow. Our application automatically summarizes the costs associated with treatments, medication, or genetic materials and the horse's stay. If wanted, it also prepares the invoice. This way, we guarantee a correct settlement of all costs.

How did we manage to do this? First, we created a Single Page Application (SPA) with the javascript framework Vue.js and Vuetify as a front-end solution. For the backend, we used Express.js and Mongoose. Because our development team always works with DevOps, we, of course, provided a version management system with a matching CI/CD pipeline. The application is hosted online on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This way, our client can always access the application in exchange for a low operational cost. For accounting, our client was already using Teamleader, which also allows a custom integration. This integration automatically synchronizes clients and prepares invoices to be sent. Finally, we made sure deliveries for drugs and other medical materials were automatically imported into the stock management module.

Did this whole blog post hurt your brain just reading it, but are you also on the hunt for a solution to manage your company more efficiently? Then, get in touch with our technology and development team. They will help you with your digital ambitions and guide you to the best solution for your company.

The Customer

Hof Ter Leeuwe is a European recognized breeding center for horses located in the center of Belgium. Just below the church tower of the picturesque town of Zoutleeuw in Flemish Brabant.

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