February 24, 2022

E-commerce, a jack of all trades?

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Do you own a webshop or are you considering taking the step to e-commerce? Then you can boost the reach of your e-shop by automatically offering your products on various existing marketplaces.


Interested in offering your webshop products at bol.com, Amazon or even Decathlon? As a Shopify partner, Unikoo has extensive experience in making your webshop a success. In combination with Channable, Shopify forms the perfect basis for setting up an omni-channel shop. Channable ensures that the products from your Shopify webshop automatically synchronize with the marketplaces where you want to offer your products.

But it doesn't stop there: orders that are placed on one of the connected marketplaces, are immediately passed on as orders in Shopify. This way you have a correct overview of all your orders at all times, regardless of the channel through which they were placed. To top it all off, your stock is automatically kept up to date, and when your order is shipped, a signal can be sent to the connected marketplace so they can send the track and trace code to the customer.

This of course involves the necessary technical setup & configuration. Unikoo would be happy to help and make sure the whole setup goes smoothly. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@unikoo.be.

Jorne Delforge

Technology Lead


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