December 1, 2022

Advertising on Google? A must!

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Google Ads is a hugely versatile marketing platform, in this blog post you will learn more about how this platform can create value for your business.


Advertising on Google? A must!


Are you also tired of having to actively look for customers? Or have you just invested in a new website or webshop, but it obtains very little relevant traffic or sales?

Google Ads offers the solution! It is not a coincidence that every successful webshop or company in need of leads or more sales uses this platform.

Advertising on Google is a true blessing for almost all businesses that want to grow by selling more products or services, generating leads, attracting customers to a physical store, create awareness and so much more.

In this blog post, we will explain to you step by step how to use Google Ads to take your business to the next level. Many companies just like yours that want to increase overall revenue are already using this platform successfully.

Who are we to explain this to you? As Google Ads consultants, we have nearly 20+ years of experience (added up ;) ) in setting up, optimizing and scaling accounts across several industries.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Why choose Google Ads?

Google Ads offers numerous advantages for businesses, the opportunities are practically endless in the field of online (but also offline) marketing. Nevertheless, we tried to give you a brief outline of the value of this advertising platform so that you too (like large companies and internationals) can use this tool to the fullest and bend it to your will.

Different types of Google Ads

1. Search Ads

Perhaps the most well-known and the most common Google ad, this type of ad is displayed at the top of the organic search results within Google Search. This type allows you to appear at the top 3 positions in Google and target specific keywords and audiences.

2. Display Ads

Display ads are ads that are shown in news articles, videos or websites that people are browsing. Google Ads allows you to display your ads on the Google Display Network, a collection of more than two million websites that reach more than 90% of Internet users around the world.

3. Discovery Ads

Google Discovery ads are visually appealing, personalized ads that appear in Google's feeds on the YouTube app, the Google app and the Gmail app. They are designed to reach target audiences at times when they are ready to discover new products and services, this is determined thanks to signals determined by Google's data models.

4. Video Ads

Video marketing on Google is very common, you are only a few clicks away from marketing on the most visited website in the world with 8.5 billion visitors per month. Through Google partners you can also reach a wide collection of quality websites with your video content.

5. Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max campaigns are eligible to run in all of the above mentioned Google ad types. Performance Max campaigns can be deployed in any of the placements of search, display, YouTube, Gmail and Discovery campaigns.

Benefits and advantages of Google Ads

  1. Reach potential clients with a high search intent

  2. Very specified targeting

  3. Fast results

  4. Insightful and reliable data

  5. Flexible budget

  6. Be ahead of your competition, or at least not behind

1) Reach potential clients with a high search intent

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Google Ads: it gives you the choice to reach only people who are actively searching for your products or services. By bidding on specific search behavior (keywords), you can reach consumers who are at different stages of the purchase or decision process. This way, you don't waste advertising budget on people who don't fit your target audience.

Also, the targeting on Google is of higher quality since individuals are searching for a product or service themselves, unlike an ad that passes by on social media. This is why we also call SEA or Search Engine Advertising a form of Pull Marketing and Social advertising rather Push Marketing.

2) Very specified targeting

Google is the king among ad platforms, currently beating Facebook and Instagram with two hands tied behind its back when it comes to sales in ad revenue (this is for very good reason, of course).

Google has a huge amount of data to reach the right audience at the right time. For example, you can very easily target by demographics, certain regions (down to the zip code level), interests or life events.

This targeting is sometimes scary accurate since google collects data from several services such as: Gmail, Maps, the Playstore, Android devices, Youtube, Google Search, what we add to cart and much more.

adverteren google

3) Fast Results

The effect of advertising through Google is quite immediate, the week after you set up your first campaign you already see direct results in the form of traffic, conversions, phone calls, ...

This is due to the high search volume and traffic that the search engine possesses. After getting the first data in, it is a real art to optimize for conversions, leads or purchases. This way you can guarantee that you get the most benefit for your media budget.

4) Insightful and reliable data

By adding the right tracking to your campaigns, you can determine how much budget is needed for a conversion. This will give you a clear understanding of which campaigns or keywords are profitable and which ones are not.

It is then up to you to optimize these campaigns to ensure the highest return on investment.

5) Flexible Budget

Is Google Ads only for companies with a large marketing budget? Absolutely not, with a relatively low budget of about 10 euros a day you can already create some serious value if you know what you are doing.

You can decide how much you want to spend on campaigns and how much your absolute cost per click is per specific keyword. Once you notice the effect of Google Ads and the first conversions come in, you can always decide to increase the budget (there are some economies of scale in terms of performance).

6) Be ahead of your competition, or at least not behind

Chances are pretty great that a troublesome competitor (that one you really despise) in your industry is already leveraging the use of Google Ads as well, or even stealing away a large portion of your potential customers.

For example, competitors even advertise on your company's specific brand name to "steal" your company's traffic. So don't ignore the impact of a well-developed Google Ads strategy for too long and start your counterattack!


This popular and wonderful marketing platform has a huge number of applications that can add a lot of value to B2B and B2C businesses.

Deploying Google Ads for your business obviously does not have a one size fits all approach. Are you curious which advertising opportunities through Google Ads are applicable to your business? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation tailored to your specific business.

Create your Google Ads account today through this link and claim a voucher worth €400 in advertising credit for your business!

Frederik Frimout

Performance Marketeer
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