June 7, 2021

A week in the life of Lorie

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Hi! I’m Lorie, Operations Support at Unikoo.
Whenever I tell my family what I do, they usually give me a blank look. Depending on the situation, I keep it short: ‘So, a different challenge every day!’. However, after a few cocktails, I’m happy to share some more details about my job. Because what I do is: supporting businesses in their operations concerning HR, invoicing, project management, sales and, finances.

Still, to some people, it remains unclear what this means. That’s why I’m happy to share one of many amazing weeks in my life as an Operations Support. So here’s a week in my life!


Monday – ESN

As usual, Monday is my European Startup Network day. Usually, I would be working in the inspiring co-working hub Be Central in Brussels. But due to COVID 19, my living room is now the decor of:

  • The final check of the quarterlies in the tool Exact Online
  • Making reports for European subsidized programs
  • Our team meeting – (this was an extra fun one! We welcomed a new colleague, talked about our weekends, and of course, discussed all projects we are working on)
  • A meeting with our CEO about financial-administrative tests for European programs

Tuesday – Scale-ups.eu

I spend my Tuesdays in one of Antwerps innovation hubs: The Beacon. Why on location? Well, that makes it a tad easier to work with my colleagues to follow up events. What’s more, I had to prepare for the onboarding of a new employee. So I ordered a laptop, made sure all office tools were available and created accounts on all relevant apps.

In between team meetings and the above tasks, I have traveled from Brussels to Antwerp. The customer had canceled their office in our capital city, so I was happy to help them move. It may sound strange for an extern to be doing this, but I think it shows that I’m indeed part of the team. Besides, they also invite me to their (digital) team-building activities!

A week in the life of Lorie

Wednesday & Friday – Heatech

I will be discussing these days at once, because on Wednesdays and Fridays I am working for the same customer. I travel to Schoten to complete the following tasks: Deze twee dagen neem ik even samen, aangezien ik op woensdag en vrijdag voor dezelfde klant werk. Ik reis dan naar Schoten voor het volgende takenpakket:

  • Drawing up sales invoices
  • Planning maintenance for boilers and furnaces
  • Archiving old documentation
  • Paying invoices
  • Answering incoming calls and forwarding the messages to the managers

Thursday – Scale-Ups.eu & Kunigi

On Thursday morning, I work for Scale-Ups.eu. This day I’m not traveling through Belgium, but I finished managing subsidized programs from home.

In the afternoon, I work for Kunigi. They are currently brainstorming about the project management tool Monday. What’s more, I am in charge of implementation and synchronization for sales, invoicing, and project management efficiency.

The Kunigians and I are also preparing an audit in May. Simultaneously, I remind them to forward me their invoices so I can book them in Exact Online.

There you go, a week in my life! As you can see, not a day is the same, and I get to work with many different people. This was one week, but the next one might be totally different! Thus, as Operations Support, my job is dynamic and challenging. And my colleagues are happy to join in my much-needed daily banter. Exactly what I asked for during my job interview.

Would you like to join our team? Then, make sure to check out our vacancies!

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